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Lancing Business Park BID continues for 2013 - 2018

On Thursday 19th July 2013, Lancing Business Park successfully secured a further 5 year tenure for the Business Improvement District (BID) from businesses within the park. The ballot turnout was 56%; the total number of votes in favour was 77.5% and the aggregate rateable value was 85.4%.

The Lancing Business Park Committee, mindful of the current economic climate, had asked existing businesses to recognise the essential work that had been achieved during the past five years, such as implementation of CCTV system comprising 15 cameras including number plate recognition technology, and to vote for this work to continue and enhanced.

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The four core project areas or themes that the 2013 - 2018 Lancing Business Park BID will tackle are: -

  • Lancing Business Park Safe
  • Access Lancing Business Park
  • Clean Up Lancing Business Park
  • Connected Lancing Business Park


The vast majority of businesses want to see further safety & security measures introduced. 95% of respondents to the consultation named safety & security as the top priority. 51% of business have suffered some form of criminal damage within the last 3 years. 86% would like to see a co-ordinated CCTV system.


Road congestion, parking on pavements & locating businesses were the main areas of concern. Although a number of ideas were proposed most were prohibitive in terms of cost and technical implementation. These will still be pursued, if appropriate by Lancing BID with the appropriate partners and funding bodies.


In the consultation 68% of business were unhappy with the general cleanliness of the Park. It is intended to set up a Clean Up Lancing Fund.
This project aims to improve the working environment of the Park. Primarily this will involve landscaping and litter clearance of the ‘grey areas’ i.e. those not the responsibility of a private business or required to be done by the local authority.
The project will be supported by a campaign to encourage private businesses to keep their premises and yards looking tidy. Grant aid may be made available for this.
With monitored CCTV and other security measures it will also be easier to reduce and hopefully stop fly tipping and other acts of vandalism and damage to ensure that the look of the estate improves.


Connected Lancing will involve the promotion of the business park to the outside area and also encourage and promote inter-estate trading.  This will be facilitated through networking events on the park, regular communication i.e. newsletters and other promotional activities such as the continued association with Splash FM.
Where possible Inter-Estate Trading will be developed and encouraged aiming to take advantage of the wide range of skills & services already on offer on Lancing Business Park as well as in relation to property/equipment buying and selling. Through the Lancing Business Park BID, the aim is to create an easy accessible and preferably real time method of communicating needs and wants. Where practical prices for the supply of common services used throughout the park will be negotiated using the combined buying power of over 100+ companies to get reduced costs.

During consultation it was highlighted that there is a requirement for centralised waste and recycling services on the business park.
It is proposed that the BID will supply a recycling service to every property on the business park.   Initially this service will be for paper and cardboard and will involve every unit being issued with a recycling container and being supplied with a weekly collection. (size of container will be proportionate to rateable value and for practical reasons shared properties may be issued with communal bins).   Expansion of the service to other materials will be investigated if demand and success of service dictate.

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